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All The Good Times

Released: November 12, 2013
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“Pay a visit to Starlings, TN for a kaleidoscopic listen to their new songs of the south.”-Norman Transcript
“(All The Good Times) is a great release that’s full of the perfect mix of their punk rock-country fusion sound.” -The Horn Full review

Track Listing
1. Goodtime Gal
2. Oh! Whiskey!
3. Back To Magnolia
4. Hey Pretty Mamma
5. Blue Moon of Kentucky
6. All The Good Times Are Now
7. The Thompson Boys
8. Burnt Ends
9. The Other Guy
10. Shake, Rattle, and Roll
11. Hey Little Birdie (digital only bonus track)


Burnt Ends (single)

Released: October 29, 2013
Press: Blurt | Diffuser.fm
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1. Burnt Ends
2. The Thompson Boys (Demo)


Converse Rubber Tracks Sessions

Released: August 2013
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1. Forbidden Fruit Makes a Sticky Jam
2. The Cumberland



The Holidaze

The Holidaze

Released: December 2012
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1. The Holidaze
2. We Wish You a Merry Christmas




Heartache in 4/4 Time

Released: March 2012

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  1. Too Little Too Late
  2. One More Time
  3. Wear Your Smile
  4. Aragon Mill
  5. Firearms and Seeds
  6. A Girl From Tchoupitoulas St.
  7. Dry County In Hell
  8. Daylight Savings
  9. Leaving Mississippi
  10. (Tonight) I’m Just Looking To Get Laid
  11. Suffer No More
  12. You Will Heal


Bastrop (These Dark Times)

Released: October 2011
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  1. Bastrop (These Dark Times)
  2. Can’t Do Nothin’



How Dark It Is Before The Dawn

Released: December 2010

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  1. Not Even This Pain
  2. Two Sisters
  3. Missouri
  4. Sweet Rosianne
  5. Family and Friends
  6. Burnin’ Barrel
  7. Haunted
  8. Can’t Do Nothin’
  9. Into This Night
  10. Reason To Believe
  11. How Dark It Is Before The Dawn

“(How Dark) …is easily the most crushingly sad album I’ve heard this year.”- Oklahoma Gazette


The Christmas EP

Released: November 30, 2010
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  1. Blue Christmas
  2. Silent Night



Under The Influence

Released: 2009
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  1. Jesus’ Hands
  2. So Long Marianne
  3. All Her Favorite Fruit
  4. Once More
  5. Gloom Despair and Agony On Me
  6. Won’t You Sometimes Think Of Me
  7. If Only You Were Lonely
  8. Love Hurts
  9. Flesh and Blood
  10. In My Life
  11. Gigantic Transatlantic Trunk Call
  12. Where Did Our Love Go?



This is Your Afterlife

Released: 2005
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  1. It Rained So Hard, The Crappie Ate The Corn
  2. South Mississippi Fog
  3. The Vagabond
  4. That Girl of Mine (original version)
  5. (Tonight) This’ll Be The Last Time
  6. Oh Suzanna
  7. Amazing Grace
  8. Sinking Ships
  9. Where Does It All End?
  10. The Birds, The Bees, A Girl, and Me
  11. Marrow
  12. 102 Degrees



Between Hell and Baton Rouge

Released: 2004
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  1. Tramps Rouge
  2. Forbidden Fruit Makes a Sticky Jam
  3. My Sweet Love Ain’t Around
  4. Corbitt Up The Mountain
  5. Lonesome Road Blues
  6. Skillet Good and Greasy
  7. Wayfaring Stranger
  8. Ruben’s Train
  9. The Cumberland (In a Van By The River)
  10. Last Five
  11. Weight of Love
  12. Brush Arbor
  13. Everyday is Sunday
  14. Revengin’ The Death of Charlie Sapp
  15. Burning Up The Blacktop/Lazyana

Reviews: No Depression | NPR’s All Things Considered



The Leapers Fork

Released: 2002
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  1. That Girl of Mine
  2. My Daddy Was a Preacher
  3. Karma Tar
  4. Hey Little Birdie
  5. At-Uh-Boy
  6. Grey Cat on a Tennessee Farm
  7. Sarah
  8. Red Rockin’ Chair
  9. Nothing But The Blood of Jesus
  10. Whiskey Before Breakfast
  11. That Good Life
  12. Into the Waterbed You Go
  13. Little Things
  14. I’d Have Worked Hard For You