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Hello friends and family. I have some good news. Before we disbanded in June of 2015, we had started the process for recording 2 ep's. One was gonna be very familiar sounding to our friends and family and the other was gonna shock you all because it was gonna be geared to sound like a garage rock band. I have taken the songs from the latter and written more songs for a full album set to be released later this year under a new moniker. Since Mitchell's passing, I've really struggled with what to do with the six that we had started with the more familiar sounding songs. Of the six only two songs had parts not recorded by Mitchell and myself on them. Mitch brought in an accordion player (pete okie weiss) if anybody knows how to track him down that'd be really cool. I also just got stems for the other four with our pal Justin Douglas playing the pedal steel. They're sounding so sweet and practically mixing themselves right in to the songs. So the skinny is this: there will be one more final starlings, TN release. I'm not sure exactly just yet when and will update you as information regarding the release as it becomes available. We're also bringing in Wendy Silverman once again for the cover. She also did Leaper's Fork, Under The Influence, and All the Good Times. I hope you all are doing well and I certainly miss playing in the band. The Austin Texas version of starlings, TN was by far my favorite and that was largely due to Mitchell's presence. Sincerely, Steven Stubblefield ... See MoreSee Less

Mary VandenBurgWow!!! He had great talent. We will miss him!!!4 months ago

Mart PharbusGroovy4 months ago

Starlings, TN


Hello friends and family, It's with deep regret that we are the bearer of bad news. Although we haven't played a show in 18 months and have gone our separate ways, we are and always will be family. It's the starlings, TN way. Unfortunately, our friend and bass player Mitch was in a traffic accident last night and It pains us greatly to inform you that didn't make it. He was one of the most musical cats we've ever known and one of the most amazing people to be around, period. As band, we grew and expanded our horizons exponentially because of Mitch. He made us all better. I expect that is the case with every one he came in contact with. We offer our sincere condolences to all his family and friends. We are hurting with you. RIP, roary b bellows ... See MoreSee Less

Ellen JansenVery saddened to hear this thoughts and prayers go out to the rest of the group. He gave me one of my favorite pictures from SXSW2014.8 months ago

Andy SchenckThat's horrible. So sorry to hear this. I met him briefly in Nashville and he was super cool.8 months ago

Lisa BurnetteSo sorry for your loss. Prayers for all.8 months ago

Bethany RaybournSo sorry8 months ago

Jennifer Elaine Freeman CottonSo sorry to hear!8 months ago

Michael KackmanSuch devastating news -- I'm so sorry. ;(8 months ago

Jessica ChildsTerrible news. So sorry, you guys.8 months ago

Jes RebarMitch was one of the most interesting people I'd ever known and I will always remember how loudly he made me laugh. Him and Chris will both be missed dearly. I'm so sorry for your loss and know that there is a large Austin community who celebrates Mitch's life alongside you. rest easy, boys.8 months ago

Lynn Leeso sorry to hear this... my condolences to you, his family and his friends8 months ago

Vicky ChambersSorry for the loss of your good friend.. 😪8 months ago

Michael HoagSo sorry. RIP.8 months ago

Keith PattersonSorry to hear this Timmy!!8 months ago

Starlings, TN


hi folks, i know it's been a while. i purposefully took some time off from music after leaving austin last june. weeks turned into months as i struggled with not only the path my music would take, i have also struggled with the path my own life would take. several months back, after seeing the direction in which my country was headed, the abysmal political campaign that is upon us, and the many negative dialogues from my friends and others on social media, i took the old guitar from its case and sat down and penned this song almost as fast i could put the words to paper. for me, those are the blessed songs and usually the best ones. they require little thought, effort, and seem to just flow through me. i'm still not sure where exactly i am headed musically. but, i felt compelled the other day to go ahead and record this song and get it out there. i posted this little video to my personal FB page and have been blown away by the response it has gotten there and decided to share it with all my starlings, TN friends that may not be personal friends of mine. Starlings, TN will always be myself, Tim Bryan and anyone else who comes along for the ride. i am also very thankful to Bryan Robison and Mitchell for their hard work and dedication to the band during the four years we were working in Austin. However, without Tim, there is no Starlings, Tn and now too many miles and the path our lives have taken us both in to different directions just makes us working together impossible for now. i will say this. in the last days we were in austin, tim and i recorded a handful of cover songs together and my hope for this year is to find the right people to help me complete that project. i also hope to come up with a plan during the year of 2016 and reemerge renewed. I'm forty-three now and feel like i have nothing to lose. the music business has dramatically changed since i began in the early 90's. my goal is content not record sales, radio play, streams, likes, and shares. i simply want to put out what i want in the way i want. I've often heard it said, changing the world starts at home. This is a song of peace and harmony. happiness is contagious. Love will heal your pain and those around you. so, love your neighbor as yourself... without condition. i will continue to link what i do here so you can keep up until i come up with a plan for moving forward. i love you guys. i hope you have a great day. Steven Stubblefield ... See MoreSee Less

Starlings, TNThanks, guys!1 year ago

Sarah FischerThank you, we need this.1 year ago

Jim WalkerSteven, Jim Walker here! Great song! After reading your comments, I realized I was in the same situation at one point in my life. I really made it more difficult than it had to be. Then one day I realized that I was under the conviction of God and turned my life over to him and I can't believe the amazing change it has been in my life. God has opened so many doors and my mind is at peace. He can do the same for you! I will be praying for you to find peace in your life and for God to open doors for you! By the way, I'm Wendy's dad!1 year ago

Darlene JordanAbsolutely loved your voice & song...awesome 🙂1 year ago

Corie WebbHoly cow, almost 5K views! I liked it ❤️1 year ago