Recording Update, May 23

All the tracking is done. We take a week off and go back in for six days of mixing. Yall, this record will be nothing like we’ve ever done and we can’t wait to share it with you.



Meet Justin Douglas

Justin douglas is our audio engineer. As it turns out, he is a smoking pedal steel player as well. We found a little room on a song I wrote called, “back to magnolia” for him and it turned out real purty.



Recording Update, May 22

Folks. That is Ray Bonneville in the studio with us today. He can play harmonica like no one we have ever seen. Another wonderful day in the books.


Recording Update

Tracking for our next album started today. And wait, what…. is that drum set for a Starlings, TN recording session. Who could it be?


New Album Recording

From Steve:

“The recording fer “burnt ends and high biscuits” begins at 10 am tonorrow. Unlike most albums, like the gospel record that we are recording in our home studio, the ananlog cabin, that seems to take a year to make, this one will be done with two solid weeks of recording and mixing. We will take a bit of time off between weeks.

We have a major announcement to make regarding the starlings, tn personal on this one. We are ate up with elation to announce a fifth person is joining in on the studio fun and helping us make our dream come true.

Stay tuned for clues and the eventual reveal. You will be delighted as we are to have this person on board for the recording.

We are also heading back to shine studios where we recorded for converse shoes last month to do this. We got our buddy jon coming in for the first two days to assist this project and all the bands needs.

It doesn’t get any better.”

Monthly Residency at the Driskill

We are happy to announce starting in may, we will be at the Driskill Hotel Bar the first Saturday of the month for a while. We love playing there and if you live in or around the Austin area or for you out of towners, put yer Sunday best on and come see us from 9-11 pm.

George Jones, Rest in Peace

Friends, we lost an amazing talent today. Legendary, george “possum” jones passed away at the age of 81. No more lawnmowers needed because where he is the likker flows freely and no one has a liver to worry about. RIP.

Recording Updates

Converse rubber tracks contacted us about using the songs we recorded for them last month in a tumblr promotion. Ain’t quite sure what that means but we are willing fer ’em to use them.

So, Steven is headed back to shine studios tomorrow in the am to finish the mixes. We will release these two songs in the near future on chicken ranch records.

Still working on the gospel record And rehearsing and planning to record the next record of original material soon…… Which will feature a drummer for the first time in starlings, tn history.

Hank Sr.

Today, 66 years ago, Hank Williams recorded “I saw the light.” We recorded it for our gospel record as Sr. Has been a favorite of ours for many years. We have covered Sr. More in our catalog almost as much as David Schnaufer.

The record has taken a lot longer than we first expected. But, we wanna make sure it is really good. So, y’all hang on for it.

Starlings, TN @ Rubber Tracks


Video courtesy of KXAN, Austin, TX