The folks in starlings, tn want you all to know that we not only stand for equality of all Americans, but for people all over the world. In fact, we are in favor of intergalactic marriages as well.

Working on another new record!

We got together today and started rehearsing brand new material for what will be our 8th studio album. The gospel record is coming a long just fine…. We’ll have to see which one gets done first.

Starlings, TN perform at Rubber Tracks

Starlings, TN recorded a pair of songs for Converse’s Rubber Tracks, which is setup during SXSW to allow Austin bands free studio time. Local station KXAN was on hand to interview Steve and Bryan.


Steven Stubblefield Solo Show at Flipnotics Tonight

Steven Stubblefield plays a solo show at Flipnotics tonight from 6-8 PM.



The holidaze is over and work on the gospel rolls on with mitchell coming to the analog cabin to put down some mandolin tracks.


Mitch and Timmy

Mitch and Timmy working out the math part of the song.
mitch timmy

Photos from Free Week Showcase


“Starlings, TN has two dulcimer players and one gentleman with the size of beard you typically only see in religious cults and shitty Hobbit movies.
…and they fuckin’ rule.”- Kevin Curtin, Playback/Austin Chronicle

(photo courtesy of Kevin Curtin)

Free Week Poster

Free Week 20134

“The Holidaze” selected as a top Xmas single of 2012

Write up at Surviving the Golden Age blog

Heartache in 4/4 Time Review at This is Book’s Music


“It’s bluesy, rootsy, powerful, sad, and very much a part of the myth of what ‘Americana’ represents: a travelogue for the sole that becomes myth when there’s glory, but the true glory comes from going through rough times in order to find a sense of sanity.”